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Say goodbye to pain and hello to a life full of activity, wellness, and energy! Located at the heart of Freehold, New Jersey, Stride Physical Therapy specializes in identifying and addressing the root causes of your discomfort. We're dedicated to building enduring relationships with our patients.

Our passionate team of physical therapy professionals is devoted to guiding you towards your health, fitness, and wellness objectives. Join us on a journey to a pain-free existence!

Back Pain Relief

Back Pain

Neck Pain   Relief

Neck Pain


Sports Injuries Relief

Sports Injuries Relief

Hip & Knee Pain Relief

Hip & Knee Pain Relief

Joint Pain Relief

Joint Pain



What Service We Offer


Our clinic offers cupping, a TCM therapy that boosts healing and circulation in soft tissues without traditional fire and glass, using a controlled pump for comfort. This method, known for leaving marks, can alleviate chronic neck and back pain. While its scientific backing is developing, our trained therapists ensure a safe experience, though minor bruising may occur.


Experience relief and healing with our specialized Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). Our trained physical therapists use specialized tools to carefully ease your tissues, alleviating pain and inflammation. For persistent pain, schedule a visit and feel the benefits of IASTM for yourself.

Kinesio Taping

Enhance your body's performance with Kinesio Taping! This modern technique strengthens and supports your muscles and joints, reduces pain, and improves your movement. Loved by physiotherapists, it's a gentle way to treat many conditions.

Physical Therapy

Experience an affordable, non-medical way to lessen pain and improve movement through physical therapy—an effective method for muscle and joint issues. Trust only licensed physical therapists for real results. Stop chronic pain from hindering your active life. Contact Stride Physical Therapy for better health and comfort.

Sports Rehabilitation

Playing sports, whether for fun or competition, carries injury risks. Common injuries like sprains and minor aches often heal with home care. Yet, severe injuries such as broken bones or ongoing pain need immediate medical attention. Physical therapy is crucial for recovery.



Kanwal Bhardwaj


Meet Kanwal Bhardwaj, PT, M.Sc.PT, CIMT, CMNT, the driving force behind Stride Physical Therapy in Freehold, NJ. With over 20 years of dedicated experience in the field, Kanwal brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for holistic healing to his practice. Kanwal's journey began with a Master of Science in Orthopedic Physical Therapy from Quinnipiac University in 2004. Over the years, he honed his skills and gained invaluable insights during 18 years of service in outpatient physical therapy offices. In 2014, fueled by a desire to deepen his understanding of patient care, he pursued a manual therapy certification (CIMT). This transformative experience allowed him to adopt a whole-body perspective, focusing on treating the root cause rather than just the symptoms...


At Stride Physical Therapy, we're dedicated to transforming lives. With a focus on the root cause of your condition, we're here to help you regain mobility and embrace an active lifestyle. What sets us apart? Our genuine passion for what we do. Let's stride towards a brighter tomorrow together.

Elevate Your Health with Our All-Inclusive Wellness Services!

Take one step closer to a pain-free life with Stride Physical Therapy! Discover medication and surgery-free solutions with our sessions.


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